Vulnerability (vul’ner.a.bil’ity, n.): to be exposed physically or emotionally to injury
From the Latin verb Vulnerare, “to wound”


Once upon a time – a not so distant time – we humans took desperate measures to hide and minimize our perceived imperfections. As a culture, we tried our best to appear flawless at all times. In our many roles, we struggled to be capable and strong by any means necessary. We were under the impression that as long as we concealed our faults we would maintain an image of status and success that would surely deem us respectable.


It took an extraordinary amount of time and energy but it was necessary. After all, everywhere we looked there were glossy pictures of perfect people with perfect smiles doing perfect things in a perfect world.


Men got ahead if they were masculine and muscular with a head of hair as full as their bank account. Emotions, and especially tears, were a sign of weakness. Women believed their value lay in the maintenance of a thin but curvy -but not too thin and not too curvy- body. They should keep their legs crossed in public and multitask effortlessly. They should be powerfully independent -but not too powerful and not too independent.


Leaders swept their mistakes and the wrongdoings of our ancestors under a perfectly crafted, made in China, rug. There were conflict and violence within the issues of nationality, color and creed. Even Mother Earth was no exception, as there were perfectly manicured grounds with perfectly toxic chemicals.


We didn’t necessarily do these things because we were bad people who intentionally wanted to harm ourselves and our planet, rather we were desperately lost, trying to provide for and protect ourselves and our families.


We sought to end our suffering and create lives of ease and efficiency. We felt helpless and we were supremely confused.


This lifestyle of inauthenticity began to take its toll. The layers upon layers of weighty armor, intended to protect us, began to make us (and our Earth) sick. Alas, we were in need of great healing.


Slowly one at a time, the bravest of humans began to come forth revealing their truths. They understood that when we surrender to our truth and embrace self-acceptance we subconsciously allow others to do the same.


Exposing their vulnerabilities they expressed their dark sides, innermost fears, and deep-seated compunctions. Celebrities and models admitted they hardly recognized their smoothed-out faces and reshaped bodies in photos. Leaders owned up to past mistakes. Innovators produced ideas for cleaning the Earth and various methods of protecting it from further damage. Companies emerged with sustainable eco-friendly practices, body acceptance campaigns, and responsible support of the community. Everyday warriors shared their stories and held space for collective healing.


We humans finally realized the power and strength of our vulnerability.


Through courageous rawness and openness, there came inspiration, empowerment, and positive change. It was a beautiful time to awaken. We witnessed the magic of transformation within and all around us.

We remembered that, like flowers, our beauty lies in the endless variations of our colors, shapes, sizes, and gifts. Our ‘imperfections’ bring charm and uniqueness to an otherwise mundane world.


We were brought into a new age of conscious awareness, truth, and acceptance that we are all perfectly imperfect. We challenged the status quo. We fully realized the divine perfection of life in its diversity and, happily, we lived imperfectly ever after.


The End