Private Sessions

Experience yoga one-on-one with me, Anne-Tyler. An ancient yogic text states that it’s most beneficial to have only four ears present for the transmission of yoga – yours and mine. This allows for the customization of the practice to fit your unique requirements – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether you benefit from becoming more mindful about injury prevention or recovery, seek solutions to issues like anxiety, insomnia, and emotional pain, or are interested in going deeper into the philosophy to cultivate a yogic lifestyle, there is a yoga for everyone of every age and life path. In sharing time one-on-one, together we create your personalized daily sadhana (practice for well-being), which may include:

    • Asana (postures)
    • Movement energizations
    • Mantra (repetitive sacred vibration)
    • Pranayam (breath play)
    • Dhyana (meditation)
    • Play, inner child love
    • Lifestyle enriching solutions
    • Ayurveda

*Private Sessions must be taken within six months of purchase.