Enlivening Embodiment Practices for Ecstatic Living

The Great Awakening is underway. Massive transformation is taking place in our world. As we navigate through these ever-changing and unprecedented times of challenge, it has perhaps never been more imperative to be the change. Our greatest contribution to raising the collective frequency is to embody love, compassion, and peace with grace. When we breathe with awareness, live in harmony with nature, and find unshakable inner joy, we liberate ourselves from the illusion of separateness and experience yoga (union). I’m passionate to share these offerings I’ve created out of love, which apply ancient wisdom philosophies and practices to this now moment. NOW is the time to access your ecstatic life! Let’s go!


Breath is the first thing we receive upon entering this world and the last thing we offer as we transition out of this realm. Clearly it is profoundly important! Breath and prana (life force energy) anchor consciousness into the physical body. Breathing fully into the lungs – upper, middle, and lower lobes, back, sides, and front of the body – balances the nervous system, flushes out stagnant energy, recharges bodily cells with prana and vitality, and enables the waves of the mind to calm, allowing the still glassy reflective pool of truth to emerge. The breath is the guru. Whether through movement or stillness, breath opens consciousness to the vast unexplored universe within. When we breathe consciously, the whole world (both inner and outer) begins to change, bringing solutions to life’s challenges. Now is a great time to enjoy three deep breaths… Pause and savor it!


We are currently realizing that in order for humanity to thrive, we must live in harmony with nature and all of life. When we spend time in nature we discover our deep interconnection with the universe. You are nature. You are the infinite cosmos. Blossom Body Awareness was created in order to guide you into your actualization of this truth. The Buddha reminds us that if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. Why? Because the spiraling sacred geometry of the flower of life is the means by which Spirit emerges into matter. A flower is a divine portal from the invisible to the tangible, from the Infinite to the finite form. You are also that. Your cells multiplied and spiraled into existence via the same design, expressing the same radiance, beauty, and mystery. Flowers offer much inspiration. To live in one’s fullest soulful expression, one must plant the seed of heartfelt intention, water it with the nurturing life-giving breath, be willing to crack open into the unknown, root down into the fertile soil of truth, trust in the transformative process of growth, align with the light of divinity, and blossom ecstatically into the exquisite unique expression that you came here to be.


Beloved, lasting happiness doesn’t arise from something outside of us. It arises and endures  when we cultivate inner joy. Everything we do, every action we take is ultimately in the pursuit of our well-being, yet we are usually looking ‘out there’ for fulfillment. External pleasantness comes and goes – the world may not cooperate – inner pleasantness is eternal …are you willing to cooperate with your own inner well-being? The creation of your joyful well-being is your work of art – your masterpiece – and it doesn’t take a struggle to achieve, it is already here. Are you ready to release anything hindering your remembrance of this truth? Are you ready to release fear, judgement, stress, and anxiety to thrive in an empowered life of freedom, joy, and inspiration to the fullest? Ecstasy is a delightful practice and is a full body experience that can be felt in all emotions and in each moment. To live in bliss is not to deny pain. In fact, pain is the divine compost which impels growth. Yoga practices give us the mindfulness superpowers to welcome the fullness of the human experience and to feel it all with grace. Ecstasy is not the reason to practice the science of yoga, though it is often a manifested result. I’m excited to share my experience with you and guide you into your joyful creation of bliss!

Are you ready to flourish?

  • Are you a newcomer to yoga?
  • Are you someone who’s ready to expand your existing practice beyond the physical postures?
  • Are you a teacher who’s ready to up-level your offerings in an authentic and unique way?
  • Would you benefit by creating more body awareness, confidence, and comfortability in your movement expression?
  • Do you have a specific area of your body that would benefit from creating more strength or mobility?
  • Do you want to influence your subtle body (at will) with bandhas (energetic breath locks), kriyas (movement actions), energization and relaxation techniques?
  • Is your well-being easily influenced by the energy of others or world events?
  • Do you want to amplify your spiritual or religious practice via movement and breath?
  • Are you ready to release old habits such as fear, anxiety, stress, and pain, and blossom into bliss?
  • Would you like to develop a meaningful and lasting divine friendship with me where together we expand in wisdom?

If you felt a YES to any of these, there’s a reason you’re here!


What are people saying about my offerings?


“In an atmosphere of love and true caring, AT’s training, attunement to students’ needs, and deep respect for individuality result in exceptional fulfillment of students growth in strength, flexibility, and well-being”.
– Mari

“Her smile lights up the room, the wisdom she shares is universal and timeless. She brings everything you’d possibly want out of a guide and movement instructor to the table. Do whatever it takes to spend time around this woman, her human excellence is contagious.”
– Ippo


“Nataraja (AT) expresses what it is like to live, play, and dance in cosmic ecstasy. She consistently lives this moment to moment and constantly weaves ancient wisdom with energies and situations of today.”
– Thomas (Dragon Love), Ph.D

“AT is truly amazing, positive, uplifting, super funny and delightful, and she contributes great things to humanity.”
– Mansi

“At her retreat I was able to release stress I didn’t even realize I had! I’ve never quite experienced something like this before. I felt amazing and this was a beautiful experience.”
– Josiah

“AT holds a peaceful space where we learn, grow as beings, refresh our souls, expand our hearts, and heal our bodies. Her events are an extension of her beautiful heart.”
– James

“AT is an influential figure to me in my deeper journey inward and my blossoming life.”
– Angela

“AT is the light we all need in our lives. She is always herself and reflects the Most High.”
– Gabe

“AT creates a soft squishy space for remembrance.”
– Amelia

“AT creates a timeless healing energy of love.”
– Gene

“AT exudes love, happiness, compassion, and sincere dedication to yoga and life. After attending I feel alive, refreshed, and energized, both mentally and physically.”
– Ushma

“AT has shown me that yoga is not just the work I put in on my mat, but also how to apply the energy and joy of yoga in my daily life.”
– Sandra

“AT radiates a presence that shows she has either read, or meditated, or practiced something within her own yoga journey that she is excited to share with her students.”
– Nikki

“Years ago I walked into AT’s class and my life has changed for the better ever since.”
– Andy

“AT has helped me rediscover my passion for learning more about myself while strengthening my body. She is a rare find.”
– Tonje

“Her ballerina and DJ background along with her yoga and body knowledge, thought provoking ideas, and gorgeous speaking (and singing) voice creates a fascinating and enjoyable experience.”
– Jimmy

“AT is well versed in theory and spiritual principles, is intuitive, insightful, and has a special radiant presence.”
– Jack

“AT, by who she is, has helped me to become grounded and remember that we came here to live in joy.”
– Paul

“Anne-Tyler is worldly and immensely cultured – empathy and compassion being the end result.  Coupled with desire (and a sweet disposition!), she utilizes her life’s experiences to seamlessly intertwine the physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds into a single session.”
– Chris

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In these challenging times, the world greatly benefits from receiving the ancient wisdom teachings of Yogic science. Together let’s create a ripple effect of peace, wellness, and expanded loving awareness out into the world. Thank you for your generosity. Let’s be the change!

I am ecstatic to guide you into freedom in body, peace of mind, and heart-centered joy.

– Anne-Tyler Harshbarger


“Thy Self-realization shall blossom forth from thy soulful study.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda