In Sanskrit, the word Sangha means “to bring together” and is the general word for “community”. It can refer to a flock of crows or a herd of deer. It can also be extended to encompass all sentient beings – all inhabitants of a unified ecosystem – as members of a single Sangha. Historically, in ancient India, members would gather twice a month, on the full moon and the new moon, to acknowledge their deep interconnectedness with each other and all of life.

Currently, the gift of technology enables us to connect with our human family scattered all across the world! In this sacred virtual gathering, we introduce a modern-day topic of discussion and how the application of the ancient wisdom of yogic philosophy pertains to it. All are welcomed and encouraged to join, whether you have previous yoga experience or not. Community Sangha is complimentary for members of the Monthly OfferingThis event is for an inclusive group who is both open-minded and open-hearted. There is the opportunity to contribute or simply observe. This hour-long gathering culminates in a brief guided pranayama (breath play) and meditation experience.

Sangha occurs from 5 pm to 6 pm PST on the following dates for 2022:

Jan 2May 16Sept 10
Jan 17May 30Sept 25
Feb 1Jun 14Oct 9
Feb 17Jun 28Oct 25
Mar 2Jul 13Nov 8
Mar 18Jul 29Nov 23
Apr 1Aug 12Dec 7
Apr 17Aug 27Dec 23
Apr 30