OOMPH (üm(p)f) n. 1 vitality 2 vigor 3 spiritedness 4 the energetic quality of being

Increase vitality ~ Release tension ~ Defy an ageist culture ~ Love yourself

Face Yoga Video Course

I created this series after realizing that most face yoga out there is focused on anti-aging and eliminating lines and wrinkles to look young and taut. I find this to be quite offensive, this perpetuates an ageist culture that profits off your insecurity and self-loathing. Every morning we wake up into these bodies is an absolute miracle and mystery. Aging is truly a gift – if you choose to see it that way. There’s a way to celebrate your form with appreciation and non-attached reverence that comes from the heart, not the ego. When we connect to that aspect of ourselves that is timeless and eternal love, we’re less likely to overidentify with our physical form. This releases us from attachment and suffering when our form changes as we travel through time and space. If you are someone who is ready to dismantle the negative attitudes about aging our culture imposes upon us, while optimizing vibrancy and embracing your natural beauty, then this series is for you! You will be learning exercises to strengthen and tone the facial muscles. You’ll learn tips to enhance your vitality. You’ll create healthy daily practices for cultivating more awareness, self-care, and self-love. And you’ll hopefully have some fun along the way and make lots of silly faces. It is my intention to help you create more oomph and aliveness while also deepening into who you truly are. It’s time to embrace your uniqueness and to honor and appreciate how your face expresses your unique life experience and wisdom. It’s time to fully embody your inner radiance.

 In this face yoga course you’ll receive:

  • Specific movement exercises to promote facial muscle tone
  • Stretching exercises to release held tension
  • Facial massage techniques to soften lines and smooth out facial fascia
  • How to eliminate unbeneficial daily habits
  • Create a supportive morning routine
  • Mantra to invite the healing power of sound into facial cells
  • Pranayam breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and “re-pattern”
  • Tips to increase blood flow to the face…tapping and inversions – oh my!
  • Guided meditation to bring more awareness to held tension and movement patterns. 
  • The science of smiling and the feel-good chemicals that can be released at your will
  • How to replace self-deprecating thoughts with ones that make you beam!
  • Unlimited access to course videos!


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