Return to the Heart

Imagine waking up and gazing out to the horizon. You salute the sun as it rises up from the deep crystal blue ocean. The scent of the lush woodsy jungle and salt air wafts through the warm breeze, all accompanied by the comforting sound of waves crashing. Infinity is everywhere you look – vast sky and ever-changing clouds, countless grains of sugar sand, endless waves rolling in, and wildflowers cozy in their dunes. The balmy breeze caresses your sun-kissed skin while dolphins play and pelicans soar. Life is happening. The best part? You have zero responsibilities and nothing is expected of you. That’s right, everything is already taken care of for you. No cooking, no cleaning, just being

If you’re an individual or group of two looking for customized wellness guidance, enchanting time in Nature, and a safe space with one-on-one support for deep reflection and self-exploration, look no further! Together let’s create a perfectly tailored retreat experience for you. You deserve a getaway that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired. 

Welcome HOME!

HOME is an opportunity to set your worries and daily responsibilities aside, to be cared for, pampered, to rest and recharge, and maybe even play a little and have some fun! This unique personalized wellness retreat experience features Yoga, meditative breath practices, soul-nourishing delights, and adventures of your choice. Your king-sized bed and private bathroom are only steps from the beach. Enjoy organic plant-based meals, tonics, and freshly pressed juices, all customized Ayurvedically for your specific dosha requirements. Beach accessories, luxurious eco-friendly toiletries and linens, and transportation to and from the airport (JAX) will all be provided for you. You won’t have to lift a finger – unless you want to! Aside from yoga practices, you can choose to explore from a list of activities, or simply rest, relax and be a beach bum. You will be compassionately supported with daily prompts to nurture your health, and spirituality, and facilitate deep contemplation of your life’s journey, all while being held in a safe and beautiful place. You pick the date, decide if you’re coming solo or with a +1, and I’ll handle the rest!

Home Sweet HOME

HOME is located on Anastasia Island, St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest operating city in the U.S., founded in 1565. It’s home to the original Fountain of Youth, Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest wooden schoolhouse, the oldest mission in the U.S., Nombre de Dios, and many historical sites and intriguing vistas. My “front yard” is the beautiful and unobstructed Crescent Beach, with powdered-sugar sand that is hard-packed and ideal for walking at both low and high tide, complete with a private boardwalk that escorts you over a jungle wonderland right down to the dazzling Atlantic Ocean.

HOME-Cooked Meals

HOME is dedicated to supporting organic and local farmers and therefore all meals are 100% organic, whole foods, free from toxic chemicals and carcinogenic preservatives, and, when possible, grown/sourced right here from local farms that practice the highest standards of care towards our Earth and all her inhabitants. Before arriving you will be offered an Ayurvedic Dosha quiz, which will be used to customize plant-based meals with your optimal health in mind. If you have special dietary needs or goals, I am here to serve you a customized meal plan to your liking.

Make yourself at HOME

At HOME we are devoted to growth and conscious living. My abode is sustainably furnished and fully equipped with eco products – from laundry detergent and cleaning products all the way to environmentally friendly towels and toiletries, and plastic-free food storage. I continue to adapt to a more ethically sourced and plastic-free lifestyle. I am not perfect, but I do my best to soften the environmental footprint! At HOME you will be supplied with: Berkey filtered water, reef-safe eco-friendly SPF, and a multitude of cruelty-free and earth-friendly toiletries including shower gel, soap, shampoo + conditioner, body oil/lotion, toothpaste, bio tooth flossers, essential oils, bath salts, laundry soap + washer & dryer, hair dryer, Turkish cotton beach towels, beach chair, beach umbrella, packed cooler with snacks and cold drinks, and much more. Anything you need – just ask!

The HOME Stretch

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Yogi, you can choose from a multitude of asana/posture-based practices, meditative breath-focused practices, and deeply contemplative prompts which may inspire writing, artistic expression, play, and even silence if you prefer.

Daily yoga practices occur either on the beach, on the porch overlooking the ocean, or inside, depending on the time of day, time of year, etc., and will be adapted to your specific age, culture, and physical needs. Everything is taken into consideration. Together we’ll create just the right practices and the right amount of practice for harmony in your body, mind, and Soul.

HOME is Where the Heart Is

Often the hustle and bustle distracts us from the more meaningful aspects of our life experiences. We benefit greatly by slowing down to reflect on what is truly important and how we can use our will and intention to commit to our continued personal growth, release anything that is not in alignment with the highest good, create positive change and healthy habits, and ultimately…  self-realization. To devote time to truly being with one’s own heart benefits not just the individual, but everyone from the inner circles to the community to the world. It’s time to fill your cup.

Optional adventures & add-ons:



Float tank

Kayaking nature excursion





Summer Haven sunset picnic

Farmer’s market

 Natural springs

Shopping in old town St. Augustine

St. Augustine Lighthouse (219 steps)

Tour of Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Ghost tour

Fountain of Youth

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

Are you ready to return to the Heart by exploring nature, play, self-care, self-love, and deep presence practices? I am here to support you in fully expressing your unique gifts and inner radiance. It is my honor to guide you into the depths of your inner listening and knowing, by providing an environment for you to relax, refresh and remember who you are. It’s time to embody your most vibrant health and joy. 

There’s No Place Like HOME

Example Itinerary for Weekend Retreat

The Take HOME


Who: You solo or a +1 (friend, partner, or family member)

Where: HOME, Crescent Beach, St. Augustine, FL

What: Nourishing weekend, long weekend, or extended stay of pure beachy yoga bliss

Why: Because you deserve to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired!

STEP 1: Decide if you’re flying solo or bringing a partner-in-shine (King size bed can be separated into twins!)

STEP 2: Complete this form, choose your dates and get pricing info

STEP 3: Set your intention for what magic you are allowing into your life via this experience!