What Flowers Teach Us

Flowers decorate our otherwise drab world with color and radiance, yet we often breeze past them on our way without really taking time to absorb their meaning.

Sure they’re aesthetically stunning but when was the last time you looked beyond a flower’s physical beauty and into it’s deeply held wisdom?

There is so much to be learned from their existence. Their contagious and magnetic vibrancy is such a gift. Their infinite and glorious layers reflect the perpetual expansion of our own eternal nature. Until you can stop and smell the roses for yourself here are some observations and lessons:


Get grounded.

Visibly, flowers grow ever upward and outward but behind the scenes they are firmly planted, connected to that from which they spring forth.

Make a habit of regularly connecting to the Earth.

Whether it’s a barefoot walk on the beach or in the grass, a mindfully grounded yoga practice, or an outdoor meditation, connecting to nature can root us in calmness and refresh us from our fast­paced routines.

Trust in the process.

The seed whose outer shell unexpectedly and violently cracks doesn’t focus on trying to repair itself. Instead, it surrenders in trust to the unfolding of what is. We often get caught up in replaying over and over what has happened and can lose sight of what is happening.

Let go of trying to fix the past, manage the present, or ensure the future.

The storms of life are necessary for growth. Like with a blossom, often the outcome can far exceed anything we could possibly imagine!

Follow the light.

Flowers seek the light by any means necessary. They will even bend extraordinarily to find it. Life doesn’t always throw sunshine and cheer in our direction but if we find a way to align with the light we will flourish.

Reach for the illuminated values of goodness, integrity, gratitude, and love.

Listen to classical music.

Sound is known to affect the healthy growth of plants. Many studies have shown that sound vibrations stimulate a seed or a plant into faster or more productive growth. Likewise, in the human brain, classical music enhances gene activity for synaptic function, faster learning, and memory.

Listening to it while driving, cooking, or dancing could potentially benefit your own growth.

Find the perfect balance of self ­care.

Like humans, flowers are delicate, sensitive beings. They require just the right amount of sunlight and water. They must be in a prime location to really thrive and often require pruning. It is important to clear away all that is no longer serving us. If a flower is receiving too much or too little of something it visibly shows the imbalance.

When we really look and listen to our own bodies we, too, can become aware of lifestyle changes that need to be made.

Perhaps we need more sleep, fewer sweets or alcohol, or even more water and sunlight!

Know you are resilient.

Flora is sometimes subjected to intense temperatures, wind, and storms. Their will, like ours, is indomitable. If things do get out of balance, don’t fret. A thirsty plant can easily perk up after a good watering.

With the right attention and care we can recover from challenging conditions and triumph as well.

Be a source of joy for those around you.

Have you ever met a flower who wanted something in return for its gifts of beauty, nectar, and scent? Probably not. Their entire lives are spent generously offering joy and value to humans and insects with no expectations. Just by being who they are, they soften our hearts and bring smiles to our faces.

May they inspire us to have open, blooming hearts for the world to feel and enjoy.

Embrace your colorful, unique self.

ALL flowers are spectacular and fascinating no matter their color, shape, or size. One missing or misshapen petal doesn’t stop them from fully expressing themselves and maximizing their experience. We tend to get hung up on criticizing our exterior when we should be loving ourselves exactly how we are. Humans are extraordinary! We are all different and unique.

Flowers remind us to fully accept ourselves for the brilliant, radiant beauties we are!

May your continued self-awareness allow you to blossom into your fullest expression and purpose, dare to trust in the sometimes uncomfortable process of growth, and live your life to the fullest!

We appreciate you! Comment below and let us know what your blossoming experience is like. Is it sometimes uncomfortable? Is it joyful? How do you nurture yourself? Let us hear from you!)