Welcome to the first blog entry of Blossom Body Awareness! I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the what, how, and why of the creation of this blog and company.

Blossom Body Awareness seeks to provide services, information, and unique events, to cultivate body awareness, self­-realization, and access to your limitless potential. We are offering private lessons in the mediums of yoga, meditation, movement, and ballet throughout Southern California.

I’d like to thank each of you for your loyal support and following throughout my 16-year professional ballet career, DJ career, and now this next chapter of service. After I retired from the ballet I felt called to Los Angeles, CA, where I continued my career path of DJ-­ing, acting, and modeling. I’m grateful for the many opportunities that have come my way. My time here in California has been incredibly challenging and rewarding at the same time.

I’ve spent the last few years deeply soul­-searching, becoming clear on my goals, questioning my purpose, healing, discovering, and transforming.

Through the work that I’ve done and the people and experiences I’ve come across, I’ve learned many lessons. My passion and curiosity for life have led me to do much research on the many different aspects of human nature, and our perception of reality in this universe. Through these inquiries, I have grown tremendously with the assistance of wonderful teachers and the persistence of my own daily practices.

My praxis for yoga, meditation, music, and dance has taken me on extraordinary journeys within to reveal many truths about myself and life and has gifted me with much clarity, joy, compassion, and inner peace.

These practices have been crucial to my well-­being and motivation in such uncertain times of global turmoil. They have enabled me to see the bigger picture of radical collective awakening, and transformation in consciousness, that is underway in our world. There are many problems and challenges we face. Every time we turn around we hear the sad stories of violence, global warming, pollution, deforestation, animal extinction, GMOs, greed, famine, disease, terrorism…Every time we turn on the news there is nothing but fear-mongering. This bombardment of information can be overwhelming and leaves most of us feeling helpless and scared.

As a result, we as a society feel powerless and resort to unhealthy practices of escapism. It’s no wonder that the top 10 Google searches for 2015 included two action video games, three celebrity athlete gossip stories, and three feature films.

Annie Lamott said: “My mind is like a bad neighborhood, I try not to go there alone.”

This seems to sum up the mentality of our reluctance to venture deep inside, even though, at heart, I believe we all know the self is where we should begin. There is much work and healing to be done.


To understand human nature we must understand ourselves. ?To heal our planet we must first heal ourselves. And to create peace on Earth we must each take the responsibility of creating peace within.? It’s not an easy task. Quite possibly, it’s the hardest but most important. 


It’s much easier to bury our faces into our phones and go about our way blaming other people and circumstances outside of us for the unrest we feel. So we disconnect from ourselves and from others…and boy is it a lonely place.

Paradoxically, we continue the search for something or someone outside of us to fill the void. We work non­-stop. We make lots of money and buy lots of stuff. We assume the roles society places upon us. We get uncomfortably situated into our comfort zones of avoidance. But nothing changes if nothing changes. ?We can continue down this road of denial and indifference or we can take action.

How, you ask? Many leaders of our country and our world think they have the answers but unfortunately, most of them are stuck in the mindset of only looking to quick­-fix solutions to symptoms while never really getting to the heart of the problems. ?So how do we get to the heart of the problems? By getting to the heart!

If we quiet the chatter of the mind we become available to observe the constant communication between the body and the mind. There lie the answers. However, we have forgotten how to tune in and really listen to the intelligence of our miraculous bodies. It’s no coincidence that heart disease is the number one killer. Think about it…heart dis­-EASE. How can we create more EASE in our hearts?

It starts with body awareness.


A funny thing happens on the way to the form…we begin to realize that we have everything we need – all the answers – ­already available inside of us. Practices that enable this listening result in clarity of how to care for one’s physical, mental, and spiritual health, as well as that of others. Creativity emerges. The purpose is revealed. Our highest potential is accessed.

Love prevails.

The ideas of peace and love may seem like unattainable, fluffy airy­-fairy concepts. But if you are one who thinks that peace and love are intangibles that never have been and never will be, I encourage you to ask yourself “Is that really true? Or is that my fear talking?” I urge you to go deeper into your disbelief, for it is merely an illusion.

I encourage you to incorporate a distraction-free time for yourself, a daily practice that will fuel the discovery of what you truly are. SPOILER ALERT…you are LOVE at the core!

You were made from love. All we have to do is observe children to see that our true nature is to love. Is peace on Earth possible? A wise person once said that ANYTHING is possible. Years ago who would have thought we could invent a small touch screen that could access any information on the planet with the touch of a button? Or that we could create a bionic contact lense to give us superhuman vision three times better than 20/20? Who could have comprehended that we would send a rocket of people into an orbitous sweet spot in outer space to live for a year in zero gravity on the ISS?

We humans defy the impossible on a regular basis. So then, isn’t it possible that we can create a harmonious world?

I’ve heard many times that that just isn’t realistic.

Allow me to remind you that we live on a spinning blue magnet, entangled with a rock satellite that moves the oceans, whilst circling around a ball of fire in a galaxy that’s hurdling through space at 375 miles a second.

Now ?that’s ?real. And before that, we lived inside someone’s body! And to top it all off, quantum physicists tell us that everything, including us, is 99.9999% empty space. Reality is weird. Things aren’t always what we think they are.

Let the limitless potentials of the unimaginable inspire us to join together in support and co-­creation. It’s time to start the conversation.

I don’t claim to know all the answers, but I think together we do. It is all unfolding. Yes, these are scary times but we must heed the call of fear. May we feel it fully, awaken to it, and take action by raising awareness and opening our hearts.

May we be the change we wish to see in the world.


T?he change starts within. Who’s with me?! The time is NOW! What are you doing to take action? What shifts do you see happening in the world? How do you cope with your fears? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. . .